2014 The First 2 1/2 Months in Our Very Own Condo at the Four Seasons Vail

The Famous Four Seasons bed arrived during January and so did most of the furniture we had ordered in October and November of 2013. We, ourselves, moved from Simba Run 2310 to the Four Seasons Private Residence 9204 on February 1, 2014. The moving process was a pleasure. We "had people" at the Four Seasons to help us!

We decided that we would put our apartment in the Four Seasons rental program when we were traveling. That meant there were certain things that were required to be in the apartment when it was rented--like the Four Seasons Bed. We liked the idea of buying the Four Seasons Kitchen in a Box. When Audre needed to buy a food processor in the USA she was overwhelmed by the choices she had. Having to outfit a kitchen, would be a huge task that she didn't want. After all, for about 20 years she had been creating feasts with other people's kitchen equipment and hadn't minded one bit. We got the Four Seasons Kitchen in a Box et voilá--the entire kitchen was outfitted with equipment, dishes, and glasses. 

Between chores with the apartment, we would ski. We took the Four Seasons shuttle bus to Vail Village (near Mill Creek) and walk to the Four Seasons Ski Lockers. There the ski concierge would help us put on our boots that had been drying all night. How did they help us? Well, they opened the boots really, really wide so that our feet slipped right in. What luxury!

Then we would take the elevator downstairs and the ski valet would carry our skis for us to Gondola One. OMG, was this fabulous or what?

After skiing, we would reverse the process. When we got to the apartment, we would put on our Four Seasons terrycloth robes and go to the Four Seasons Vail Spa and have a Jacuzzi, sauna, and steam. It was really fabulous. At the outdoor pool and Jacuzzis were two young women serving complimentary hot chocolate and brownies. The hot chocolate by the pool at the Four Seasons Vail is Valrhona chocolate. Valrhona is a French luxury chocolate manufacturer based in the small town of Tain-l'Hermitage in Hermitage. The company was founded by a French pastry chef, Albéric Guironnet. Wonderful.

We would meet in the co-ed spa lounge and munch on the mixed nuts and dried fruit set out there for guests. We would relax from our tough day (what tough day you ask?)

It took about 6 weeks before all of our furniture arrived and we had our first dinner party. It was the Vail Club 50 Wine and Dine event. We had 4 guests: JoBob Jamar, Sandee Noreen, Chuck Bailey and Alice Boone.
JoBob, Dimitri, Sandee, Alice and Chuck at our first dinner party at our Four Seasons Private Residence
We dined at our signature dining room table that Jonathan Gerspach created and ate the meal that each person had contributed to.
We're eating the soup that Chuck Bailey made
Another dinner party at our Four Seasons Private Residence. 
The Topelsons at dinner chez nous
You can really see the Calder on the wall behind Caroline, the Miró behind Dimitri, the top-down, bottom up shades and and the chandelier that Dimitri and Audre chose. The chandelier is boated shaped just like our signature dining room table. Look at the barrel chairs that are on casters. They move around the apartment with ease. They were Dimitri's idea (as were the top down, bottom up shades).

We had our wonderful landlords, the Kleinmans, with our wonderful friends, the Rubinsteins and Gisele Boris for dinner on another night.
The Kleinmans, Gisele Boris, Audre, Dimitri and the Rubinsteins at our apartment
 We wrapped up our dinner party season at our new apartment with an Indian dinner.
David, Nancy, Audre, Dimitri, Pat and Argie
Nancy dressed for the Indian dinner
Nancy in the entry hall in full Indian regalia for the Indian dinner
Then we packed up the apartment of our personal stuff, left it in the hands of the Four Seasons rental program and resumed our traveling lifestyle.

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