2006 Ski Season El Colorado & Los Tres Valle, Chile

We will write about our 2006 season skiing in El Colorado (latitude 33° 20’ 58.70” S), La Parva and Valle Nevada, Chile later. In the meantime, in 2006 we bought season passes for the three ski areas at a cost of US$1848 for the two of us. If you have any questions before we write all about our season of skiing, we would be glad to try to help you. E-mail us at: aleanddm@gmail.com

In 2012 we received an e-mail asking these questions:

Hi Audre & dimitry,
My name i Anaïs Levert and I saw your blog on internet and it saw saying that you both went working in Chile in the mountain! I trying to plan a trip there and would like to spend 1 month &1/2 there in August 2012. I was wondering if i could ask you some informations as:

- Do you think i would worth it to work at a ski station ?

- If not we would like to buy the ski pass and stay in apartment there ...... Do you know anyone or any way to find a monthly rent place ? I been hard to find any on internet so far ....

- I f you have any other suggestions and tips I will take them ! ; )
We are flexible in our dates of arrival and departure ...if it worth working there we could extend our stay ....
I hope to ear more about your adventure there & I thank you in advance for your help ;)
Best regards,

And this is what we replied:
Hi Anaïs,

We're thrilled you found our blog and we hope that we can help you.

We lived  in the ski area 1 hour from Santiago, called El Colorado, from June 1, 2006 to October 2006. El Colorado is part of the Los Tres Valle area that includes El Colorado, La Parva and Valle Nevada, Chile.

We were not working (we are old and have been retired from working since 1995). The one-year visa we got before getting to Chile permitted us to stay in the country but it did not permit us to work (anyway). We do not know what the possibilities for work are in El Colorado, La Parva or in Valle  Nevada (but you would need a work visa).

In 2006 we bought season passes for the Los Tres Valle area ( the three ski areas) at a cost of US$1848 for the two of us. We were able to buy the season passes in La Parva (not in El Colorado or in Valle Nevada, by the way).

It was very difficult for us to find an apartment in 2006 in El Colorado, La Parva or in Valle  Nevada. By pure luck we met the landlord of our apartment walking on the street in El Colorado one Sunday before the ski season began. It was 3 bedrooms and cost $110 per day.

Do an internet search for an apartment in Farellones, Chile. It is not far from El Colorado and would be cheaper. You would need a car to get to the ski area, however.

We enjoyed the skiing in Los Tres Valle and hope that you can arrange a job and an apartment so that you can experience it for yourself!

À bientôt, Audre et Dimitri 

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