2011 Berry Comes to Visit

My best Gal Pal from Santa Monica came to ski in December 2011. Here's a link to her Epic Page photo: http://bit.ly/t10eTn  
which I wish I could figure out how to insert into this blog--very frustrating because it's such a good snap.

I picked Berry up from the Beaver Creek timeshare she was invited to stay at and we drove back to Vail so she could say "hi" to Dimitri, see our apartment and change into her ski boots. We took Simba Run's shuttle bus to Lionshead and skied all day together. It was snowing in the morning when we had this Epic Photo taken of us but Epic Mix won't let me post it here. The link to it is:http://bit.ly/2bAl0r4.

Berry skis well, she was not affected by the altitude and she didn't get tired. It was delightful to spend quality time on the slopes of Vail with her. 

After skiing Berry thought she might like to play bridge with our friends Maddy and Bob. A partner was found for her but it turned out to be difficult to arrange for her to get to the game so she decided to stick around with Dimitri and me. 

We were invited to Zippi and Reuven's apartment for a glass of wine and Berry joined us there. 
Berry, me, Dimitri and Reuven at Reuven and Zippi's Simba Run apartment
It was a wonderful day and I'm so glad we able to enjoy it together.

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