2013-2014 Skiing in Vail for our Sixth Entire Season and our Fourteenth Skiing Somewhere in the World

This was the fourteenth entire ski season that we were Skiing Somewhere in the World. And the snow in Vail, CO during the 2013-2014 season was great. Unfortunately, our ski productivity was low. Why? We were not homeless global meanderers any more and we had many chores to do. Click here to read about our "investment."

On January 3, 2014 we closed (or should I say bought) our Four Seasons Private Residence apartment. The contractor started our customization work on that day (we like to call it upgrading a 5 star accommodation). The contractor was finished in the last week of January and left the apartment spotless. The furniture we ordered in October was delivered by our interior design company on Thursday of the last week of January. We were very happy with our furniture selections and the way the apartment looked (our art which has been in storage 20 years looked fabulous). The Famous Four Seasons bed was very comfortable and the apartment was extremely quiet, much quieter than Simba Run (even with the new windows installed at Simba). We were consumed by chores getting the apartment completed. We had tweaking to do with the fancy Lutron lighting system and the sound system installed by Xssentials. We moved from our Simba Run rental to our Four Seasons digs on February 1st. 

Whenever we had a free Tuesday or Thursday we'd ski with Vail Club 50 and we would snowshoe with the club on Wednesdays and Saturdays. This year we (really Dimitri) was the Vail Club 50 co-ordinator for snowshoeing and turned into a time-consuming task.

On Tuesday afternoons we would speak French with the Clube Francophone that was started in 2013. We'd socialize whenever possible.

Our first dinner party at our new digs was March 15, 2014 when we hosted a Vail Club 50 Wine and Dine chez nous. We were excited and hoping the hecticness our lives would settle down. We ended up skiing a measly total of 40 days during the 2013-14 ski season. The only other seasons when we have been that low in ski productivity were 2001-02 in Val d'Isère, France when the snow was awful. In Bariloche, Argentina in 2007, the snow at Cerro Catedral was also bad and the season short anyway. The 2009-10 season in Vail, we only skied 42 days. Dimitri had a torn meniscus that season.

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