2011 Our Lamb Bacon Discovery

We had dinner at La Tour in Vail in November 2011 (La Tour, 122 E. Meadow Dr., Vail, CO 81657, tel. 970-476-4403). We started with the lamb ravioli. It was garnished with house-cured lamb bacon. It was extraordinarily delicious--a real show stopper (and the rest of the dish was yummy too). 

We scoured the web to find a purveyor and couldn't find lamb bacon online. We special ordered it from our "Artisan Meat and Seafood" shop in the Valley called Cut (56 Edwards Village Blvd., #105, Edwards, CO 81632, tel. 970-926-3007). They were able to source it somewhere around Denver. It was $12 a pound and delicious--maybe a little saltier than what we ate at La Tour. But definitely worth trying. And now we are enjoying the taste of it (as well as the smell of it cooking) with eggs in the morning.

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