2010 Canadian + USA Roadtrip The First 3 Stops

It's not like us but we stayed only one night in each of our first three stops of our roadtrip from Vancouver to Vail. When we left Vancouver on October 26th we drove to Chilliwack, BC arriving in about 1 1/2 hours--at around midnight. We stayed at the Days Inn, 8583 Young Rd. South, Chilliwack, BC V2P 4P3, tel. 604-892-1955, web: daysinn.com/canada overnight for C$67 (with breakfast).

We had left our bikes locked in the bike rack (with chain locks on the bikes too) on top of the car in front of the Days Inn in Chilliwack over night. We can't be sure where it happened, but when we got to our next destination in Kamloops, BC the next day, we noticed that the chain lock on Dimitri's bike had been cut and the chain lock was just hanging on the bike. It was startling and upsetting. Not since Australia had we experienced a bike theft (or an attempted bike theft). We immediately went to the Real Canadian in Kamloops, BC to buy two new, better chain locks. We were only spending one night and we didn't want to have to take the bikes off the car.

We took 4 hours to drive from Chilliwack to Kamloops, BC (with a stop for lunch at Jade Spring Restaurant, 1 mile east of Lytton, BC, tel. (250)455-2504. We spent C$20-ish for a turkey sandwich and a pea soup with egg drop. Lunch was okay.) The fall colors along the way--reds, yellows and goldens were nice. We drove Highway #1, the Fraser Canyon Highway near the Fraser River, which is part of the Trans Canada Highway. We looked at a few places to stay in Kamloops and decided to stay at the Alpine Motel, 1393 Hugh Allan Dr., Kamloops, BC V1S 1J3, te. (250)374-0034, toll free 1-800-270-1260. We were in  room 102 and it cost US$67.26 (no breakfast was included). There was no spa and after a 4 hour drive we would have liked one. For breakfast in Kamloops we went to Hello Toast (428 Victoria St., Kamloops, BC, tel. 250-372-9322) where we spent C$12.76 with tip. We had an (overcooked) omelette with spinach and bacon and toast. We drank hot water for free.

That night in Kamloops we ate at Rics Grill, 1175 Rogers Way, Sheraton Four Points Hotel, tel. 250-377-3113, web: www.ricsgrill.com. We ordered one 10oz. New York Sirloin $33 and 2 glasses of wine C$14. We got one ginger cake for free with a coupon from our hotel (worth C$8) = $46, plus HST of C$6.48 = $52.48, plus tip.The room was nice but a little on the cold side. The service by Taryan was lovely. We ordered the steak medium rare and it came out medium (but not worth sending back). The roasted potatoes were very good and we liked the broccollini very much. The ginger cake was both too dense and too cakey. 

Our third night on the road was in Revelstoke. We had lunch in Revelstoke at Emo's (418 1st St. West, Revelstoke, BC, tel. 250-837-6443) where we spent C$11 for 2 soups and bread (bread was C$1.25) and then looked at a couple of over-priced places to stay. We wanted to check out Revelstoke because we had read about the new-ish ski area there and it sounded good. We found a very nice, new  Days Inn & Suites (301 Wright St., Revelstoke, BC V0E 2S0, tel. 250-837-2191, web: www.daysinn.ca). We decided to spend more than we had been spending--C$101.90 for room 214 (with breakfast)--and it was very nice. The price was highly discounted because we were there at the end of October which is very dead. We were happy to have a spa to use before dinner.

For dinner in Revelstoke we went to Zala's Pizza & Steakhouse, 1601 Victoria Rdl, Revelstoke, BC, tel. 250-937-5555. We shared one Baked Lasagna (C$14.95), and one dessert ice cream (mocha) for C$3.25. HST was C$2.18 and so the total was C$20.38 plus tip. Revelstoke is a cute town but very small and not an option for us for an entire ski season.

After breakfast at the Days Inn, we drove to Banff where we planned to spend a few days. The drive was lovely.

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