2014 Finding our long term accommodation on Kauai--Our First Ten Days on Kauai

Before we left California on July 1st, Dimitri had applied himself to finding our accommodations for our 2-month stay on Kauai. He wanted to reproduce his idyllic stays in a bungalow on the North Shore of Kauai in 1979 and 1981.

For our first 10 days, however we stayed in the sanitized Princeville area of Kauai and we looked at the places that Dimitri had found and had made appointments to see. Our 10-day accommodation was at the Cliffs 5106. Click here to read about our trip to Kauai and our arrival at the Cliffs. The website for the Cliffs is: (http://www.cliffsatprinceville.com/).
Our first accommodation on Kauai at the Cliffs
The Cliffs 5106 was a privately owned whole-ownership unit managed by Ahh Aloha
(Ahh Aloha Kauai Vacation Rentals, P.O. Box 13114, El Paso, TX 79913, Phone: +1 (866) 922-5642, Email: ahhhaloha@gmail.com, www.kauai-vacations-ahh.com). It was comfortable, with one bedroom and two baths. It had an ocean view from the living room, dining room and kitchen area. The kitchen was a delight to work in, having all of the mod cons. Because our main reason to be in the Cliffs 5106 was to find our long term accommodation, we did not spend much time there. In addition, we ate out every lunch and every dinner. Click here to read our Kauai Restaurant Reviews. Audre just made breakfasts in the kitchen there.

Dimitri scheduled appointments to see property that he had found through Internet searches, with craigslist being the most fruitful. Most places were booked already for part of our 7-week stay. We were worried that we might have to move once a week for 7 weeks--hardly ideal. But we did not want to pre-book without seeing the accommodation. So we took a risk. Dimitri wanted to be on the beach and none of the places we had appointments to see qualified in that respect.  In the end, we found our long term accommodation the old fashioned way: we found a location we liked, drove by, saw a vacation rental sign, called and were able to rent it for our entire stay.  And we found it on Day Three of our search. Click here for a description of it.

We were not able to move right in for two reasons. One: we had booked and paid for 7 nights at the Cliffs 5106. Second, a couple was staying in our apartment until July 12. So, we extended our stay at the Cliffs 5106 to 9 nights and then we stayed in the ground floor studio on the property for 2 nights until we could move into our long term accommodations.

We took the time that we were staying in Princeville to get to know that side of the island. We enjoyed going to dinner in Hanalei and lunch in Kilauea (click here to read our reviews). We rented bikes and road around Princeville. We hiked the Powerline trail near by. We went to the end of the road at Ke'e Beach and we looked for the house that Dimitri had rented in 1979 and '81 in Haena. We found the bay that his house was on but the house itself was re-built and was now crowded by neighboring houses that had been built on the oceanfront. We enjoyed the farmers markets and bought mangos and papayas. Click here to read about our Kauai Doings.

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