2015 Our October trip to Oaxaca

We decided to visit southern Mexico for our 2015 shoulder season travel.Oaxaca is in Southern Mexico, near Guatemala. It is culturally interesting because of the wealth of archaeological sites and indigenous people. We decided to spend 2 weeks in the capital and 1 week at the beach on the Pacific in a town called Hualtuco.

The only reasonable connection from Denver by plane was with one stop in Houston for three hours. Our flight was early on a Saturday morning so we thought we would while away the time in Houston having lunch which we did do. We were concerned that the United flight would be horrible in coach. It wasn't so bad even though every seat in the plane was taken. We had considered upgrading to coach+ but couldn't because all of the seats together had been taken. We were glad we didn't because the seats of coach+ were exactly the same as the seats we had in coach-regular. They were placed in an exit row, however. Free coffee and juice were served. The round trip flight fare on United was $1520.92 for the two of us plus the $25 each for our one suitcase each.

During the stop in Houston we shared a Gumbo at the 3rd Bar in Terminal 3. It was good enough. Fortunately our luggage was checked through to Oaxaca so we didn't have to retrieve it and go through security a second time. The three hours passed by quickly enough with free wi-fi at the airport.

The plane to Oaxaca from Houston was not full. We had chosen the last row of the plane because we thought that they were the best two seats. We were able to change seats and the new ones were more comfortable and quieter. When we got to the airport in Oaxaca the owners of our hotel, Marialicia Suites Boutique picked us up and brought us to our hotel. They were welcoming and gregarious. We immediately liked them. Read about our accommodations in Oaxaca by clicking here.

To see all of our photos from our Oaxaca trip, click here. And to continue reading all of our posts on Oaxaca, at the end of this post (really at the end--after the comment box) and each other post, click "Older Post" to read more.

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