2007 Roadtrip Trujillo Perú Restaurant Reviews by ALEDM

Trujillo Restaurant Reviews by ALEDM
Exchange rate US$1 =[Nuevos Soles] S/3.07

Chelsea, Estete No 675, fono 257 032 S/.109 with wine and not memorable. Our rating: 6/10

Chifa Chong Wha, Av. Larco Mz. B, Lt. 31, 5ta Etapa Urb. San Andrés, Victor Larco, Trujillo, fono 421-333, www.chifachongwha.com There were lots of people at the restaurant at 8 p.m. on Tuesday night. We had soup, 2 mains, rice and one beer for S/.63. Our rating 7.5/10.

The restaurant at Hotel El Gran Marques, Diez de Cienfuegos 145-147, Urb. La Merced, Trujillo, Peru, fono (044) 249 366, e-mail: hotel@elgranmarques.com, web: www.elgranmarques.com. The food was very good although a little slow in coming. The waiters are delightful. Our rating: 7/10.

El Mochica, Av. Larco No 552, Huanchaco, Trujillo fono (044) 461-963 We ate lunch there on a Sunday with everyone! We ordered Mollejitas guisadas con yuca (stomach), congrejo reventado (crab-delicious), Albondegas con espesado de garbonzo (stuffed pepper with olives and raisins - delicious), picante de mariscos, 3 limonadas = S/.60. We had a great time. Our rating for this meal: 8/10.

El Mochica, Jr. Bolivar No. 462, Trujillo, fono: (044) 293-441. We went on a Monday night when we couldn’t find another good restaurant open. We chose local favorites: Sopa teóloga and Pepián de Pava (with pollo). These dishes will not ever be our favorites! With one glass of wine the meal cost: S/.44. Our rating for this meal: 6/10.

Mar Picante, Av. Húsares de Junín 412, Urb. La Merced, fono: 044-208 461, Trujillo. e-mail: marpicante_trujillo@yahoo.es. Open every day from (am to 5 pm. We had a cebiche mixto and a jarra de limonada. Cost S/.18 and it was delicious and filled with all kinds of seafood, including crab. The restaurant was very crowded. Our rating 8/10.

Restaurante Roman Rincón Criollo (E.E.U.U. 162, Urb. El Recreo, Trujillo, fono: 244-207, e-mail: spectrum@terra.com.pe) We were brought a complementary sarandaja, a bean dish with aji/chile and parsley, that is often sold on the streets. We ordered picantes de camarones (camarones at this restaurant were whole and big prawns) and they were prepared in a slightly spicy sauce, a cau cau de camarones (a dish with shrimp tails in a tomato, potato sauce with palillo, a spice similar to tumeric and a mint-like herb called hierua buena), 4 Peruvian beers and 2 coffees for S/.116 (around US$30) with tip. This was our favorite restaurant in Trujillo. Unfortuantely it’s not open for dinner. Rating: 8.5/10

Squalo's, Jr. Dias de Cienfuegos No. 250, Urb.La Merced, Trujillo, (044) 295-134, e-mail: spectrum@infonegocio.net.pe, web: www.romanogroup.net/. While we only had 2 salads for lunch, it seemed like everyone was there for lunch on Monday. We spent S/.20.

Valentino, Orbegoso 224, Trujillo, fono: 295-339. The owner was delightful and made us their own rendition of zabaglione as a special treat. Rating: 7/10

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