2007 Roadtrip Arequipa, Perú Accommodations

As usual for us, we arrived without reservations at the Libertador Ciudad Blanca (Plaza Bolivar s/n, Urb. Selva Alegre fono: (51-54) 21 5110 e-mail: arequipa@libertador.com.pe, web: http://www.libertador.com.pe/. We looked at many of their rooms and decided we would be comfortable for 10 days in junior suite #129 if they moved out one of the 2 double beds and put in a second desk (so that both of us could sit at our computers). Christian Castillo, the assistant manager, and the staff jumped to it and we had our room rearranged promptly.

Our re-arranged room with our Chilean VCR set up on top of the TV

Dimitri negotiated a rate of US$154 (including 10% service and breakfast) per day—the corporate rate for a standard room). The rack rate was US$296. Travelers to Perú should be aware that, with a foreign passport, the 19% IGV tax isn’t charged (for their first two months in Perú). That makes a big difference in hotel prices.

For us, our multi-day accommodations are numero uno, absolutely the most important of our requirements, since they are our one and only home. We would not be traveling 365/24/7 if it weren’t easy and we weren’t at ease. We don’t like to live out of suitcases and we don’t like to feel cramped. We like to be able to watch TV, sitting in comfortable chairs, for instance. Too many hotels lack good storage and a sofa or easy chairs. Also too many hotel suites in Perú have the TV in the bedroom, or only viewable (uncomfortably) from bed. Being able to re-arrange a room to our specifications is terrific! While we were waiting, we were offered our first maté de coca tea. It’s a tea made of coca leaves and it is supposed to help with acclimatization in the highlands altitude. Having solved our accommodations, we had dinner at the hotel.
The meal at the Libertador was okay. We ordered our first bottle of Peruvian wine, a Tacama, and weren’t impressed. Nothing else to note about the dinner except that it was very expensive—US $62. The breakfast the next morning was great, on the other hand! We were delighted with all of the freshly made juices: mango, pineapple, papaya and orange. Sometimes there were other juices, such as different melon juices. All were really good. The breads and the assortment of breakfast foods were wide and varied each day. We enjoyed our breakfasts very much until the American Ambassador, his wife, his child and a contingent of 5 Diplomatic Secret Service Security Guards arrived. They seemed to stay forever and, with their Peruvian counterparts, took over the restaurant. Oh well, we endured.

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