2007 Roadtrip From Cafayate to Salta, Argentina

We were able to drive to Salta without any problems. It was cloudy and the photos of the beautiful views in the quebrada that we took the other day will have to do. It wasn’t far to Salta, only 186 km/115 m, the road was good (and dry), there wasn’t much traffic and the vistas were lovely.
In Salta the landscape changed and the people-scape changed as well. We were out of the desert and into a green hilly area. The people are chocolate-y-colored with square, American Indian-looking faces. In Chile and South of Salta, the people all look European. Now there is a sprinkling of people who look more exotic.

There is a Sheraton in Salta, newly built into the side of a mountain. They upgraded us to a suite at the price of a standard room. Including the standard 21% tax, breakfast and an Internet cable charge of AP$30/US $9.74, our price was AP$378/US $123.(Salta Sheraton Salta Hotel, Av. Ejército del Norte 330, 4400 Salta, (54 387 432 3000, www.sheraton.com/salta)
To read about the Hotel Alejandro I, where we stayed our second time in Salta in June, 2008, click here. We liked it much better than the Sheraton.

With our cable Internet we listened to our favorite radio station in Seattle, Washington: KPLU. It is a fabulous jazz station that “streams” into our far-away locations when we have a broadband connection. We could also stream and also our favorite radio stations in Chile: Beethoven and Oasis.

On Sunday we did a city tour on bicycle.
Touring Salta by bike we passed the Iglesia San Francisco

Salta has great architecture. The guidebooks say it’s colonial. To us it looks like baroque/rococo. Many of the buildings are beautifully restored and maintained.
Iglesia Catedral on Plaza 9 de Julio

To us, it’s only the private homes that have a Spanish colonial look, with the wrought iron balconies, the whitewash, dark wood and the orange roofs.

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