2010 Our life in Beijing, China

We spent two and one-half months in Beijing between the end of August, 2010 and October, 2010. We had a great time. The city has a wonderful combination of ancient sites and 21st century stuff. It is amazing that in the 20 years since Audre was in Beijing (in 1986), the city has become modern and has 6 (at last count) circumferential highways around it. A command economy can command that a modern city be built with a shopping center in every few blocks but what amazed us was that every shopping center was packed (or perhaps a government can command that people shop).

Audre has no time to write about our stay in Beijing now (she is just too busy skiing during the winter of 2010-2011). These are the topics that she wants to cover about Beijing:

The kites with lights
Kacking luggies
Cars/bikes (and electric engines)
Subway/busses (bus maps) crowds
Frugality chic bags
Food shopping
Conversation exchange
Finding restaurants and Native
Pauline Loh
Gym and Jacuzzi
1986 versus Beijing 2010
Golden Week
Toilets and Hutong toilets
Upper respiratory infection

If one of these topics interests you, write us an e-mail (aleanddm@gmail.com) and we will respond!

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