2006 Spring in Santiago de Chile

We had a fantatic time in Santiago in the spring of 2006. I'll write more about the things we did later. Click here to read our restaurant reviews for Santiago. Boy did we eat well!

We stayed at Boulevard Suites, Av. Pres. Kennedy 5749, Depto. 3403, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile fono: 421-5000, for US $100 a day, payable in US dollars (which is unusual in our experience).

We were happy with the comfort, furniture, service and amenities. We had a one bedroom that had plenty of storage space, two desks, a well-equipped kitchen and a comfortable living room/dining room area. And the view east to the mountains was fabulous.
The mountain view from our apartment at Boulevard Suites

The people who work at Boulevard Suites are professional, warm and friendly. It's like coming home to a caring family.

Boulevard Suites are on top of the same building as the Marriott Hotel and we can use the gym and facilities of the hotel. The gym is good (although the people who work there are grumpy and not helpful). Unfortunately the Jacuzzi is never hot enough and the people at the gym are reluctant to do anything about it.

Since 2006, we've stayed at Boulevard Suites two more times. Each time it has been a pleasure (even though the price has gone up).

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