2007 Puerto Montt, Chile Restaurant Reviews by ALEDM

Puerto Montt, Chile Restaurant Reviews by ALEDM

Exchange rate CLP$.500 = US $1

1 Restaurants That We Would Recommend

1.1 Los Navegantes Restauant, Piso 10, Hotel Gran Pacifico Urmeneta 719 (at Balmacela), Puerto Monto, fono: 56 65 482-100. We had fish whcih was good. The view, during the day, and the service are marvelous.

1.2 Kiel, Camino Chinquihue km 8, Puerto Montt, fono: (56-65)255-010, cell: 09 639 1226, e-mail. kiel@surnet.cl This restaurant was recommended to us as the best fish restaurant in Puerto Montt. It is outside of town, past Angelmo. We had oysters (CLP$4.200) and sea urchin CLP$5.600 (both fabulous), followed by sharing a plate of mixed vegetables CLP$1.800 (uninspired), a baked centolla pieces (CPP$8.200) okay but the crab was not sweet or particularly tasty. Finally, we ordered “a once in a lifetime local dish” called curanto CP$$4.900, a kuchen CLP$1.400 and a Savingnon Blanc CLP$4.200. It was too much food for the 2 of us but it was fun to try the differnet dishes. And the total was CLP$30.300 + tip.

1.3 Pasos, Av. Gal Juan si la Manfredini (esquina Liborio Guerrero s/n) in Balneario Pelluco which is a little bit outside of Puerto Montt, fono: (56-65)253-093, 252-552. The total was CLP$27.900 + tip We ordered one chupe de jabai (which is a rich crab, cream and cheese concoction baked in the oven) and one sopa de mariscos which was very good, 1 arroz, 1 crema de espinaca, 1 Errazuriz Camenere (for CLP$9.000) and 1 flan de leche. It got quite crowded on a weekday.

1.4 Arabesk (de Abudlahad Gergos), Gullermo Gallardo 488, Puerto Montt, fono: (56-65)431-650, e-mail: restoranarabesk@gmail.com The total was CLP$20.850+tip and very good and different. (Kube cude CLP$3.900, Hommos CLP$1.800, Malfref CLP$1500, Ketal CLP$4000 (wheat flour like bulgar in a flat pizza-like soft roiund envelope for "pinas arabe" meat concoction), half bottle of wine CLP$1.900, arroz con leche CLP$1.800, assortment of sweets CLP$2500, 1 cafe arabe CLP$1150)

2 Angelmo: an experience not to be missed

2.1 Restaurant Don Raul, 2do Piso, Loc. 6(?),Angelmo Palafitos. We bought the Pinzas de jaiba (crab claws) at the fish market and the restaurant prepared them for us.

2.2 Restaurant Alejandra, Loc.1, 2do Piso, Angelmó Palafitos. Our favorite oysters: Ostras borde negro (30 pieces) were CLP$5.000 and delicious

2.3 Chilotito Marino, Loc. 19, Angelmó Palafito Loc 19, fono 277-585. Although it’s recommended by Lonely Planet, the benches are not comfortable so we didn't stay

3 Good Restaurants

3.1 Club de Yates, Avda Juan soler Manfredini 200, Puerto Montt, fono: (56-65) 282-810, Total: CLP$39.100. We had the special 1/2 priced 1/2 lobster at CLP$13100 and 1 corvina and 1 bottle of Casa Silva Carmenere Reserva. It was good and so was the service.

3.1 Costa Azul, Vicuna Mackenna202, in nearby Calbuco fono: 56-65-461-516. 1 sopa marinera CLP$2800 and 1 broth CLP$2000

4 Not so Good

4.1 Restaurant China Meng Hua, Freire 196, esquina Benavente, fono: (56-65)268-172. 1 chicken mongolian, 1 tofu picante, 1 rice, 2 green tea. CPP$10000

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  1. On my last trip I was at Florence ,I visited Restaurant Don Raul and I had breakfast there.