2008 Roadtrip Overnignt in Presidencia Roque Saenz Pena, Argentina

In short, it was awful. We stayed at Hotel Presidente, San Martin 771, Presidencia Roque Saenz Pena, fono: (54-3732)424-498. For Room 2 the price was quoted as AP$135, including garage and breakfast. To access Internet it's necessary to use the computer in the lobby.

Breakfast was barely acceptable. After breakfast we went to see the thermal hot springs complex (Complejo Termal Municipal, Brown 545, fono: (54-3722) 438-880). It was totally awful--a gloomy place--with individual bathtubs in little rooms. So we decided to leave that town.

We went back to hotel to check out and Jamina Ruiz, working at the front desk, charged us AP$65 extra because we didn't leave by 10 a.m. We asked her to call the owner and she would not do that. We couldn't get our car out of the garage unless we paid. So we paid what she asked. The room wasn't worth UD$43 let alone the US$64.72 that we paid. The place is the newest in town but looks like no one has cleaned or maintained anything in it. If we had stayed longer I would have started to clean the bathroom.

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