2010 Beijing, China The Flight from Vancouver

Dimitri makes all of the logistical arrangements for our Global Meandering. He spends hours on the computer to find the best prices for transport and for accommodation. He chose Air China from Vancouver to Beijing and it was $2200 for the two of us round trip, economy.

Dimitri likes to book seats on the aisles of the middle section of 4 seats, hoping that the two seats between us won't be filled so that we will have the whole section to ourselves. We've generally been lucky and have had no one else in our row. On the Air China flight the entire plane was full and we had two Russian teenagers from near Vadavostok sitting between us. One was coughing the whole way and Audre got the cough and sore throat. The meals were terrible: 2 dinners and a sandwich for some reason. The service was sullen and infrequent.

The flight was about 11 hours and the good news was that the plane was on time and the baggage arrived without incident.

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