1995-1996 Hong Kong, Southwest China, Tibet, Nepal, India, The Maldives, Egypt, Jordan

We flew into the old Kai Tak Airport in Hong Kong from Hanoi during a typhoon. Coming over Victoria Harbour in a shaking, vibrating, wobbling plane was an experience neither Dimitri nor Audre is likely to forget. Our travelogue and blogging started in 2006, sometime in the future, we'll go back and write about our 1995 stay in Hong Kong. In the meantime, click here to see our photo website and the snaps we took in Hong Kong in 1995. When we returned to Hong Kong in 2009 we flew into the new airport. Click here to read about our 2009 stay in Hong Kong.

In 1995 from Hong Kong we flew to Kunming in Yunnan ProvinceDali and Lijian in Yunnan Province, Chengdu in Sichuan Province (where we took no pictures because it was so ugly) and Lhasa in Tibet. If you click on the names of those places you will be linked to the photos we took in those places.

From Chengdu in Sichuan we flew to Lhasa, Tibet in the fall of 1995.  Click here to a link of the fabulous photos we took in Tibet.

From Tibet we flew to Nepal. We visited KathmanduPokhara and Chitnan & Bhaktapur in southern Nepal. If you click on those place names you will be linked to the photos we took there. 

One day we may write about our trip by train down one coast and up the other. Our photo website includes albums for the pictures we took in Calcutta,  Orissa stateMadrasPondicherryMadurai & KovalamKeralaGoa and Bombay. Click on the place name and the link will take you to the photos we took there.

From Kovalam, we flew to the Maldives in 1995.  Click here to see the photos we took in the Maldives.

From Bombay in January 1996 we flew to Cairo  and spent time there with friends. Then we traveled Dimitri's memory lane to where he was born and raised in Alexandria and Port Said. Then we visited Sharm El Sheikh and the Sinai. In the Introduction to our blog about our traveling lifestyle you can read about how it happened in the Sinai that Dimitri and Audre decided to retire and make traveling their lifestyle.  If you click on a place name above you will be linked to the photos we took when we were in each place. 

Leaving Egypt we went by ferry from Nuweiba to Aqaba. Aqaba harbor was the only place on our whole trip where there was a half a mile treck to the bus station and no one to help with our 200 pounds of luggage. A nightmare. We visited AqabaPetra and Ma'In and Jerash. If you click on a place name you will be linked to the photos we took in that place. 

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