2007 Roadtrip Punta Arenas, Chile

In Punta Arenas, we stayed at: Diego de Almagro, Aveida Colón 1290, Punta Arenas, fono: (56-61)208-8000, e-mail: puntarenas@diegodealmagrohoteles.cl Room 803 for US$89 (which we negotiated when we arrived).

The best restaurant in Punta Arenas that we found was:

Puerto Viejo, O'Higgins 1166, Pta Arenas, fono: (56-61)225-103 CLP$22.900 + tip (for Cristian Manrique who ignored our request for the bill when he was busy). The cordero a la llama was spectacular. We shared one huge portion CLP$7.100, 1 tomate a la provenal CLP$2.000, papas chacuchas CLP$1.500, 1 prietas (blood sausage) CLP$1.800, 1 Erazurriz Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 1997 CLP$9.200)

We also ate at:

Jos' Nogueira Hotel restaurant, Bories 959, Pta Arenas, fono: (56-61) 711-000 CLP$19.400 + tip (one ½ bottle of wine, 1 soup, 1 salmon, 1 torilla de manzana, 1 tea)

La Marmita, Plaza Sampio no. 678, Punta Aranes, tel (56-61) 222 056, e-mail: alimentosmanquehue@yahoo.com (Lorena & Alfredo) CLP$22.400 (1 Terrarum Sauvignon Blanc CLP$8.500, 1 lasange CLP$4.700, 1 congrio CLP$6.300, 1 higos CLP$1.900)

Sotito's, O'Higgins 1138, fono: (56-61) 243-565, E-mail: sotitos@chileaustral.com, web: www.chileaustral.com/sotitos CLP$22.500 + tip (Dona Isidora CLP$6.500, erizos matico CLP$3.500, congrio CLP$8.300, chips CLP$1.500, mousse CLP$1.500, 2 cafe CLP$1.200)

Our activities:
We did a 20 km bike ride along Estrega de Magallenes (Straights of Magellen) to Rio de la Ciervos and Lanaruda and the famous Patagonian wind was awesome!

You may also enjoy taking a look at Claire Walter's postings on Torres and (sort of about) Punta Arenas. Claire is one of only two people I have met in cyber space and then also on the ground! She is delightful and you will enjoy cruising around her postings on Travel-Babel.
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