2012 Mexican Roadtrip: San Carlos, Guaymas, Sonora to Nogales, Sonora

We left Marinaterra in San Carlos at 9:30 a.m. and drove 415 km to Nogales. The road was generally good—part of the Ruta 2010 construction program. We were in desert-grasslands, with lots of scrub and bushes. There was an occasional saguaro cactus and then lots of them. About 100 km from Nogales (more or less) there was a Military Inspection station where we were required to remove all of the luggage from the car and put it through an x-ray machine (like at an airport). Fortunately one of the soldiers helped us get it out of the car and put everything back in. What a pain. We arrived at 2 p.m., about ½ hour later than we had expected, the trip taking 4 ½ hours.

Dimitri had pre-booked at the City Express Nogales (Prol. Av. Alvaro Obregon, No. 4200 (at Nueva Checoslovaquia), Col. Neuvo Nogales, Nogales, Sonora, C.P. 84092, 800-248-9397, web: www.cityexpress.com.mx).  Room 307 was a tiny bit smaller than the room we had at the City Express Los Mochis (click here to read about that stay) but it was fine. We unpacked and were working on our computers when guests moved into the room next door. The connecting door was not soundproof and neither was the door to the hall. It was very noisy and the prospect was for more noise all night. We moved to Room 207 and the man at the front desk promised not to put anyone next door to our new room.

We went by taxi to El Marcos (Blvd. El Greco 26, Plaza Kalitea, Nogales, C. P. 84066, tel. 631 313 8082), a restaurant that was recommended by our hotel. When we are on a road trip and stop for the night we only take our computers and overnight bags (okay, also food bags) out of the car. The rest of our luggage stays in the car overnight. Once it is parked securely in the hotel's parking lot we don't want to take it out and leave it near a restaurant--that's why we take a taxi.

Le Marcos menu was off-putting because all of the menu prices were in US dollars. The prices (in US dollars) weren’t too high so we decided to stay (and there was nowhere else to go in the neighborhood and we hadn't driven--we had taken a taxi). We shared everything and started with a classic Mexican “Ensalada Cesar Clásica” (US$8.20). It was made with a flourish at our table. Then we had the “Pechuga Tamarindo” (US$12.20) that was described as chicken breast stuffed with bell peppers and shrimp with "our tamarindo sauce." It was served with fettuccine and steamed vegetables. We asked for the chicken “pink” and it was served the way we like it. It was tender and juicy. The whole dish was tasty and we enjoyed it. The meal cost M$261 (go figure--why wasn't it in dollars?) plus tip.

Our new room at City Express was quiet so we were glad we had moved rooms.

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