2011-2012 Skiing Vail for our Fourth Entire Season and Our Twelfth Skiing Somewhere in the World

The 2011-12 ski season in Vail started slowly. There was always going to be a problem comparing it to The Epic Season of 2010-11 with over 500 inches of snow (compared to the usual season's average of 350 inches). That aside, we were told that we were going to have another La Niña Winter this year. Well, the season closed on April 15th with total snow accumulation of 217 inches. The base on the 15th was 18 inches. Oh well. Even so we skied a total of 74 days and had fun.

We started skiing in Arapahoe Basin on October 27th. In eleven ski seasons, we have never skied anywhere in the world that early. There were only 2 runs open at A-Basin, they were very short and we only skied 2 runs. But Still.

Next we skied Keystone, another area we had never skied before. The runs that were open on November 7th were longer than the ones at A-Basin but the walk to the ski lifts from the free parking lot was awful...much too long. After 2 runs, we were out of there. But we had our Epic Photo taken at Keystone.
The Epic Mix Snap of Dimitri and Audre at Keystone
Our next skiing experience in November 2011 (before Vail opened) was at Breckenridge. We managed to amuse ourselves for 8 runs that day. Then Vail opened and we were at Vail. The snow wasn't great but the crowds didn't materialize either. Our best day of skiing was actually at Beaver Creek's opening day. They had one black diamond run open that day and it was ungroomed (were we really at BC?). It was called Double Diamond under (or near) the Centennial lift. We kept lapping it because it was so good.

Our big news for the 2011-12 season is that we are enrolled in Vail's Master Camps (http://www.vail.com/ski-and-snowboard-school/adult-lessons/adult-lessons/specialty-programs.aspx#focusedlearning#Top). We started our first 5-day sessions in December. After that, we will have three weeks to practice and then we take our second 5-day session in January. After another three weeks, we will have our third and last 5-day session. The Focused Learning approach is very intense and very effective. Our Coach (we have elevated the bar--we are athletes and no longer have a ski instructor), Joel Fritz, is a veteran and his enthusiasm is infectious. There were only 2 other people in our Focused Learning Class--a couple from Edwards. We were all very compatible skiers (and foodies).

After the first 5 day session, Dimitri has "gotten it" and now looks like an instructor in the bumps! Audre's absorption rate is slower.
Dimitri took a snap of our Master Camp Class with David, Joel and Mary
It didn't matter that the snow conditions weren't optimal during our first week of Master Camp. We're hoping that conditions improve for our second and third sessions, however. And for the rest of the season now that Dimitri's rotator cuff has been repaired and he has had his rooster juice shot (Synvisc) for his knee.

And we didn't have any injuries during our Twelfth Entire Ski Season Skiing Somewhere in the World!

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