Welcome to The Introduction to our blog about our traveling lifestyle

It is now November 2021 and we are in Thailand for two months. Click here to read about our travel plans for Thailand. 

Audre + Dimitri biking (and looking young) at the iconic rock-Uluru or Ayers Rock, Australia

It all started in 1993 when Audre got a contract for a World Bank project in Indonesia - that was the beginning of our Odyssey or worldwide traveling or vagabond globetrotting... call it what you will (Dimitri likes "global meandering" the best). A year and a half later, Dimitri planned a
9-month trip from Jakarta to Istanbul. It was supposed to be just an interlude between contracts. However, six months into that trip, while meditating on top of Mount Sinai, Audre saw the light! A couple of weeks earlier, Dimitri had calculated that we could most probably live on just the appreciation on our mutual funds (without our touching our capital) and had proposed retirement to Audre's initial shock and dismay. So, on Mount Sinai, Audre got the message from above that it is perfectly okay to retire and go traveling throughout the world at 49 (Audre) and 54 (Dimitri). We retired in 1995 and global meandered from1995 (somehow surviving the financial meltdowns) until 2014 when we settled down in Vail, CO and bought a condo. See our tab above "About our traveling lifestyle" to read more about how we do/did what we do/did.

This blog site was started in 2006 during our 2 and one-half years of South American Explorations (to begin reading at the beginning of our blogging in Santiago click here) and continue by clicking on Older Post at the end of each one. Consequently, the travelogues about our first 9-month trip from Jakarta to Istanbul, our nine months in Turkey, our six years in the rest of Europe, our three months in India, our nine months in Singapore, our three months in Phuket, our one year in Australia (although the picture above is of us at Uluru and you can click here to see the summary of our 26,000 km Australia Road Trip in 2004-05), our one year in New Zealand and our three months in Tahiti, will be posted when Audre writes them.

On the right margin is a Table of Contents that lists each place we have lived since 1995. The descriptions of our travels begin with our posts in South America in 2006 (when we started this blog). Before that, you will notice most are still "to come." To start reading at the beginning of our travelogues, click here and click on Older Post at the end of each post.

If you are foodies, like we are, then have a look at the list of "Restaurants Reviewed by ALEDM Organized by Country and City" also on the right margin (below the Table of Contents). If you click on a city, you will be linked to the blog posting of our restaurant reviews for that city. It's been so long since we've been to some of those places, we fear that the restaurants we reviewed may no longer be in business (send us an e-mail about your experiences)!

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While we were in Beijing in the fall of 2010, the China Daily (the largest newspaper in English in China) published an article about our Global Meandering Lifestyle. Our picture is on the front page of the newspaper in the upper right-hand corner and click here for the article itself.