2008 The Denver Matrix Gym

Our Denver Routine included going three times a week to the Matrix Fitness and Spa, located in our Beauvallon apartment complex at 925 Lincoln Street. We loved it and, because we were long-term renters, membership was included in our rent. The people who worked at Matrix were lovely. One of the trainers/receptionists, Jessica, remembered our names almost immediately. That was really neat.

The equipment and the gym was as good as any we have experienced in our 13 years of world wide travel. It was actually as good as or better than any of the Four Seasons gyms we have used in the world, which is saying a lot. Each of the cardio machines was equipped with a personalized LCD touch screen. We were able to stay tuned to the reports on the 2008 presidential election as well as the 2008 financial meltdown even when exercising. What a benefit!

Audre had an age-denying goal of running a 10 km in less than an hour, as she had done when she was turning 50, 60 and 61. And before her birthday, she did reach her goal at the Matrix gym. It took lots of training and three different attempts. She was despairing. But she persevered. Yeah!

She was also a very good weight after working out at the Matrix gym. She was 100 pounds and muscular. After using the aerobic equipment, Dimitri and Audre both used the Cybex and the Strive weight machines to get stronger.

It took about 1 and one-half years for Audre to get to her goal weight of 100 pounds. Over that time, Audre slowly reduced her caloric intake (Dimitri and Audre always share one meal now) so she hardly noticed that she was on a diet. The one thing that Audre did notice in July or August, 2008 was that she no longer felt stuffed every night after dinner. It turns out that starting February 2008 her body took notice of the effort she was making, and she lost a pound or 2 a month. Audre's really happy about this and wanted to share it with the world.

If we hadn't enjoyed the Matrix gym so much, Dimitri and Audre wouldn't have been so conscientious about going and Audre wouldn't have achieved her goals! After 1 hour on the cardio equipment and 45 minutes on the weight machines, then came the reward portion of our Matrix experience.

In the ladies and men's locker rooms there were steam baths. After our exercise, we would each spend 20 minutes luxuriating in our respective steam rooms. Then we would shower and change clothes. Audre loved the detail in the locker room. For instance, the shower doors were inlaid with green fern leaves. The hooks for the towels were muscular men with out-stretched arms to hold the towels. There were disposable razors, Q-tips, cotton balls, deodorant, lotion, hair spray and all of the other products that in other gyms we would typically have to bring ourselves.

One day, in the ladies locker room Audre happened to start talking to Kathy Levy, the owner with her husband, Larry, of the Matrix gym. She was charming and very interested in our opinions. So we decided to post a thread on our blog with our commentary and here it is!

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