2007 Roadtrip Overnight in Villarrica, Chile

We decided to leave Termas de Chillán because it looked like it could snow more during the day and then we would really have trouble getting out. We had chains in the car but didn't have snow tires (couldn't find our favorite Michelin Alpine snow tires in Chile). Also the price at the Gran Hotel Termas de Chillán was so exhorbitant for what they offered we couldn't justify another night there.

So we left Termas de Chillán at 11:25 a.m. in heavy snow. The road was bad for maybe an hour and then we were out of the snow. We arrived in Villarrica at 5:45 p.m. having driven 450 km.

At an AAC meeting, we had met Bev and Glen Aldrich who own the Hosteria de la Colina in Villarrica. They were very lovely people and we looked forward to seeing them again. Unfortunately they were away on a trip. The woman managing the bed and breakfast was quite nice and helpful. Our room, #2, was comfortable for US$77. (Hosteria de la Colina, Las Colinas 115, Villarrica, fono: (56-45) 411-503, web: http://www.hosteriadelacolina.com/).

And the breakfast at Hosteria de la Colina in Villarrica was amazing. In addition to a terrific breakfast, we were entertained by the humingbirds coming to drink the nectar from the dispenser outside the picture window.

We explained to the woman managing the Hosteria de la Colina that we wanted to stay in the area for a week or more and that we wanted an apartment. She suggested that we take a look at Hotel y Cabañas Monte Verde, Km. 5 camino Pucón a Villarrica, fono (56-45) 441351 (56-45) 442042, e-mail: info@monteverdepucon.cl web: http://www.monteverdepucon.cl/ and it was great. We stayed about 10 days there.

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