2014-2015 Skiing in Vail for our Seventh Entire Season and our Fifteenth Skiing Somewhere in the World

Well, our 2014-15 ski season was pretty much of a bust.When we got back from South Korea, Dimitri was limping and in pain. It turned out that he had a fracture of his right femur plateau and it took until April 2015 to heal (because of our advanced age). Before it healed, Dr. Terrell Joseph suggested that Dimitri have surgery to fix his torn meniscus on his right knee which might have been causing his pain. Because the meniscus wasn't the problem, Dimitri went through the pain and agony of surgery for nothing. So Dimitri spent the winter, in our luxurious apartment. His attitude was unbelievably good. In April 2015 Dimitri skied a grand total of 6 days (at a cost of over $100 an outing because he bought but didn't use his Epic Pass).
Us on one of Dimitri's 6 days skiing 

Audre disliked leaving Dimitri to go skiing. Nonetheless, she went out for a few hours on each of 34 days. Audre started hiking up using yak tracks the mountain (both at Beaver Creek and at Vail) with Betsy Hill and Burt Merical. When she got to the top of the mountain, she felt like a super athlete. Without Betsy's encouragement Audre never would have even tried. It was great exercise and she could be back playing with Dimitri within two hours!

For our anniversary, the Four Seasons sent us a bottle of prosecco and we were thrilled. 
The Four Seasons anniversary gift to us in 2014
Even though Dimitri couldn't ski much or snowshoe during the 2014-15 season, we sure could socialize. We had great fun with Vail Club 50 functions.

For Dimitri's birthday, the Four Seasons sent him a gift.
The Four Seasons birthday offering to Dimitri in 2014
Then came Audre's birthday. The Four Seasons put big smiles on our faces again.
Audre's Happy Birthday gift from the Four Seasons
Have a look at all of the photos we took during the our one whole year living in Vail, CO (and not doing any traveling) by clicking here.

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