2014 Our Custom Made Hallway Sideboard

Working with a skilled craftsman is a distinct pleasure. The result is not only beautiful but totally functional. Dimitri and Audre wanted a sideboard for the hallway across from the kitchen. It could not be the standard depth because the hallway was too narrow for that. The kitchen counter hung over/onto the hallway by about a foot and even though we did not want to have bar stools there, we had to be careful how big and how deep the piece would be.

Our search for the correctly sized and proportional sideboard was extensive--really extensive. We wanted more storage for kitchen stuff--both shelves and drawers. This search was daunting. The piece could not be more than 15 inches deep. The width was not so critical--we decided on six feet. 

We were so happy with our custom made signature dining room table by Jonathan Gerspach and the custom made console table that he made for our entry hall, we decided to ask him to bid on the sideboard for the hallway. Again, he came up with a price that was within our budget.

https://www.etsy.com/shop/GerspachHandcrafted?ref=l2-shopheader-name and Jonathan's Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/GerspachHandcraftedWoodworks.
We were hooked on this work!

We had already ordered a buffet for the dining room from an Indonesia company called Indo Puri. It had a piece of wood that swept over the top of it from one side and made the top multi-layered. (Click here to see a photo of the buffet behind our signature dining room table, under the Miró.)

We wanted to have Jonathan duplicate that piece of wood. We also wanted the wood to "go with" the color of the granite counter top in the kitchen. Dimitri (or Jonathan--can't remember) suggested that we use concrete for the top of the sideboard, under the sweep of wood on one side. At the last minute, we changed the color of the cement. We had no idea that cement came in so many different colors! Not only was the wood complementary to the granite kitchen counter, but the color of the cement was as if it were "colored to order". Because of our last minute changes, we had to wait longer for our sideboard. That was not a problem. It arrived before our first dinner party in March.

When we got it, we were very happy. At 30 inches high, it did not over power the space. Yet there was plenty of storage inside. For the wood, Jonathan suggested cherry and it turned out to be beautiful.

Jonathan took some pictures of the sideboard when it was still in his workshop. Have a look.
Oh my goodness, isn't it gorgeous?
We have got to start taking pictures of our apartment with all of its furniture. In the meantime, look at the granite counter top that is across from the sideboard. Compare that with the color of the cement of our sideboard.
A photo of the granite counter top in our kitchen when it was still furnished 'as a model'
The sideboard had the kind of storage Audre wanted.
Functional as well as beautiful
The touch-open of the cabinets worked smoothly and the soft close of the drawers made the sideboard a pleasure to use.They were TIP ON Under-mount Drawer Slides by BLUM. 

The workmanship and the ease of use of the drawers and cabinets of the sideboard was distinctly different from the hideous piece of furniture our interior designer had made for our "media/entertainment unit". The cabinets of that piece didn't open or close properly. The drawers didn't slide. The wood was knotty and looked "mountain rustic" not the elegant, contemporary and with the clean lines we wanted. When the design firm offered to give us our money back we jumped that the offer. We wanted Jonathan Gerspach to make a media/entertainment unit for us.

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