2012 Mexican Roadtrip: Our first Five Days in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico

We had pre-paid for a standard room on Expedia (by accident, actually) at Mision San Miguel De Allende (Salida Real a Queretaro No. 1, Col. Centro (Barrio El Palmita), C.P. 37700, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Phone:415-152-1818, web: www.hotelesmision.com). When we looked at the standard room, it was too small with no comfortable place to sit. We saw a master suite, a regular suite and a junior suite. We decided on the regular suite and after much negotiation paid US$81 per day for suite room 208 (including all taxes and breakfast and free Internet by wi-fi).

Even so, we weren’t thrilled with the room (and we were staying 5 nights while we looked for our long-term accommodations in San Miguel). It was not air conditioned (no room there was) and the hotel was/is old. The suite had been renovated but the lighting was still very dim (a tecnico brought us a standing lamp and that was much better). The suite was sort of on 2 levels. The bedroom one step lower than the area where there was a sofa and a dining table for 4, as well as a side table. There was no closet just an open area with shelves and a small space for hanging clothes. We used the dining table for our 2 computers and Dimitri used the side table for stacking his clothes.

There was no mini-fridge. The restaurant of the hotel put our Igloo into their vegetable cooler. We had the hotel bring us a coffee maker from a standard room (that we saw when we were looking at rooms). The bathroom was renovated and there was hot water, notwithstanding all of the TripAdvisor comments that there wasn’t any. (However, it has to run for at least 4 minutes before it is hot.) There was cross ventilation but the street that we overlooked was noisy. The other window that we had was screened when open but with no security whatsoever. We couldn’t leave either of the windows open at night. We had the hotel bring us a standing fan and it blew on Audre on our first night. She slept with ear plugs and a sleeping pill. It was around 76° F during the night in the room even though it went below 60° outside.

We did have wi-fi Internet (Dimitri said that the speed was our best so far in Mexico when he tested it) and we could stream classical music. (People on Trip Advisor said that Internet had not worked during their stay.)

There was a parking lot for our car but there was no security guard and the gate was left open. We took everything out of our car and the bikes were locked up on the hotel property. A very nice young man named Pedro (who spoke English with a Mexican/Texas accent because he grew up in Texas) helped us. Fortunately the suite was large enough for all of our luggage. The hotel had a huge, walled, site with a big garden that had a pool and a miniature golf course. It was nicely landscaped.

At breakfast on our first morning, we had an American breakfast that was included in the suite price that Dimitri negotiated. We could have juice or fruit, coffee and 2 eggs any style. We had brought bread at a wonderful bakery/restaurant the night before (Cumpanio, Correo 29, Col Centro, San Miguel de Allende, 37700, Guanajuato, Mexico, tel. 415-152-2327, www.cumanio.com.) So we had a good baguette with our hotel made eggs that were also good (and came with the inevitable frijoles).

The hotel is not as awful and the TripAdvisor reviews (in Spanish) report but it isn’t going to be a place we would heartily recommend either.

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