2014 Roadtrip: Getting to Know San Francisco

My goodness we had a great time getting to know San Francisco while living in the East Bay. We had originally wanted to rent an apartment in San Francisco for the month of June. After traveling the world for over 20 years, staying where we wanted and paying what we wanted, San Francisco stumped us. We made three reconnoiter trips into San Francisco because we didn't want to rent anything without seeing it first. What we were seeing was horrendous. Really, really awful and expensive. See our post about our good fortune to rent a house in the Rockridge neighborhood of Oakland.

It was easy to walk from our house in Rockridge 7 blocks to the Rockridge BART station and take it across the bay. Sometimes we would take a MUNI bus and sometimes we would walk where we were going. We thought it might even be easier to get to SF from our house than it would have been if we were living in some of the outlying neighborhoods of SF.
We were very good SF tourists and loved the City Hall building
One of our first excursions into San Francisco was to buy clothes buying trip. Dimitri wanted/needed new clothes and found a Wardrobe Consultant who has outfitted him with stuff he needed and really likes. She says she has “increased the fun factor” in his clothes. (If you are male and need new clothes, see Gerise Pappas, of Greek ancestry at Patrick James, 216 Montgomery St., San Francisco, CA 94104, tel. 415-986-1043, www.patrickjames.com).

Audre found comfortable "at home" clothes in the Active Wear department of Nordstroms. She went to Bloomingdales to find more active wear and discovered they don't have such a department.

One day we hiked about 4 miles from the Cliff House to the Golden Gate Bridge. (We took the #38 MUNI bus from the Embarcadero BART station to the Cliff House). It was beautiful and quiet and surprisingly uncrowded.
Us on our hike in the Golden Gate Bridge Park with the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance. Note the jackets!
The coastal trail dips down to China Beach before climbing up to the Golden Gate Bridge.
Dimitri on China Beach with the Golden Gate Bridge behind him
And the views of the bridge just kept getting better and better!
Each view of the Golden Gate Bridge was better than the one before!
One of the most fun things for us to do was to City Guide Tours (http://www.sfcityguides.org/). A group of about 300 volunteer guides do tours of different neighborhoods of San Francisco every day of the week. They are fabulous and free!

Our first City Guide tour was of the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park. Our guide, Chris, was charming.
Our City Guide, Chris, with Audre in the Japanese Tea Garden

Chris told us about another tour that wasn't in the brochure (only listed on the website) called "Taste and Tales of North Beach". We went on that one with a delightful guide, Gloria.
The mural in North Beach where we started our tour
On another day we took a break from our City Guides touring and did an epic bike ride! We took the ferry from Oakland to SF's Embarcadero.
From the ferry from Oakland to SF we saw the emblematic cranes in the Port of Oakland (and SF in the distance)
Then we road our bikes up and across the Golden Gate Bridge.
Dimitri biking the Golden Gate Bridge
Once over the Golden Gate Bridge we biked down into Sausalito and across into Tiberon where we had lunch at the famous Sam's Anchor Cafe (that Chuck Bailey had recommended). After lunch we took the ferry back to San Francisco and then to Oakland. What a day of 27 miles of biking!

Another day, after breakfast with our friends in Haight Ashbury, we took the 49-mile scenic drive in San Francisco. We thought the Legion of Honor building was beautiful so we took a snap.
The SF Legion of Honor building
Our last City Guides SF tour was of Nob Hill with Ann Branston. She was very personable and it was a very informative tour. By the time we left the bay area after a month, we left we had done the city proud!

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