2007 Roadtrip Overnight in Valdivia, Chile

We left Temuco at about 11:40 a.m. and drove the 237 km to Valdivia that day. Dimitri and I had been talking about going to the USA to buy two new computers with the Vista Ultimate software (in English) for some months.On June 14, we bought our Lan Chile tickets for US$1058 each in Valdivia to fly to LA on September 11.

The plan was to spend the Southern Hemisphere ski season in S.C. de Bariloche, Argentina. Then (why on September 11?) fly to LA for six weeks and stay in Marina del Rey, CA in an apartment that Dimitri found through CBOH/Corporate Housing by Owner (http://www.corporatehousingbyowner.com/1737). We would see friends, my sister, Dimitri's brother, our other relatives and go on a shopping spree.
It was also in Valdivia that we bought more of the legally required car insurance (for Chile, Argentina, Bolivia and Peru for US$157 for 6 months/ $26 per month).
In Valdivia we stayed at Hotel Puerta del Sur, Los Lingues 950, Isla Teja, Valdivia fono: (56-63) 224-500 for US $106. It didn't have a gym or any other amenities but we weren't in much of a position to negotiate the rate. Off we went the next morning (after the included breakfast) to Puyehue (which means place of fish in the local Mapuche language).

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