2008 Roadtrip Santa Cruz to Villa Tunari, Bolivia

We left Santa Cruz to go to Buena Vista at 11 and arrived in Buena Vista around 2 pm. We had planned to do some mountain biking if the weather was good and we could find comfortable accommodations. The weather was beautiful but we couldn't find any hotel with upscale rooms. The rooms in all of the hotels were just a bed. No sitting area or comfortable chairs. For us, a room with just a bed doesn't work. We like to sit on comfortable chairs to watch or computer TV/movies. We like to have Internet and there was none at the hotels we checked. We didn't want to spend anymore time in Buena Vista because it didn't look promising.

It was early enough and we decided to keep driving to Villa Tunari. Total tolls were Bs18 for the 350 km. We left Buena Vista at about 3 pm and we arrived in Villa Tunari at 6 pm. We looked at Hotel Victoria. It was awful. We settled on 1 night at Los Tucanes. (Los Tucanes, (591-4)413-4108 web: http://www.boliviacontact.com/en_bolivia/LosTucanesCountryLodge_394.html). We paid US$/Bs310with breakfast. There was no Internet. Dinner of pacú fish was perfectly acceptable and cost Bs 140/US$20 with a bottle of wine.

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