2015-2016 Skiing in Vail for our Eighth Entire Season and our Sixteenth Skiing Somewhere in the World

It's hard to imagine that the 2015-16 ski season will be our 16th season skiing somewhere in the world! Dimitri's knees have allowed him to ski this year (last season he skied a grand total of 6 days).

We are thrilled to be skiing together again this season!
During this past summer we socialized, hiked (our longest was 5 hours), swam (we're up to nearly a mile in laps), mountain biked (our longest was 10 miles/4 hours) and used the upper body machines at our gym. We're had a wonderful summer and Dimitri's knees co-operated. We got great early season snow and have snowshoed.
Snowshoeing with Vail Club 50 in Maloit Park on November 18th!
Click here to have a look at the wikiloc.com trace of the snowshoe we did.

Another snap of the same snowshoe; this one with Dimitri posing!

We've had dinner parties, been to dinner parties and attended Vail Club 50 gatherings. We like to go to Met Live performances at Cinebistro in Vail rather than ski with the tourists on Saturdays.  

To celebrate our birthdays we went to Matushisa, our favorite restaurant in Vail. They surprised us with a bespoke dessert. 

In early December we went to a really great fundraiser at La Tour for up and coming chefs. The organization is called ProStart  and it was their Alumni Dinner. There were able 80 people there and each dish, by a different chef, was not only delicious but also beautiful and served hot. It was just our kind of event. 

Before Vail Mountain opened we snowshoed up Berry Picker, a favorite summer hike up the mountain.

Although we didn't ski with VailClub50 because Dimitri was worried about his knees keeping up with groups, we did ski with our friend Silvia one day.

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