2012-13 Skiing in Vail for our Fifth Entire Season and our Thirteenth Skiing Somewhere in the World

 Was this cool or what? We returned from our summer road trip travels to Mexico and the American southwest to the same apartment we have had for the previous two winters. The apartment wasn't vacant during the summer of 2012. Our landlords actually moved into Simba 2310 during the summer because their house on Kinnickkinnick was rented out.

Our ski productivity for the 2012-13 season was pretty good--72 days, with a total of 283" when Vail Mountain closed. That's a tiny bit better than average.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays we skied with Vail Club 50. On Wednesdays we snow shoed with Vail Club 50.
Dimitri and Audre in their new ski outfits

 Of course, we socialized too. For the second Thanksgiving, Audre made the turkey and brought it to Bob Jamar's Thanksgiving Dinner for Orphans.
The Thanksgiving turkey that Audre made for JoBob's Thanksgiving Dinner
Again during the 2012-13 ski season we took the Focused Learning Master Camps with Coach, Joel Fritz. Barbara Behrendt was a student with us that year.
Dimitri and Audre with Barbara Behrendt and Coach, Joel Fritz at Master Camps
During the 2012-13 snow shoe season, we were recruited to become the co-ordinators of Vail Club 50's snow shoes during the 2013-14 season. We agreed.
Vail Club 50 West Lake Creek Snow Shoe
It was a season of many dinner parties in Simba Run 2310. Audre tried to vary the ethnicity of the food.

The Matlons in the proper garb for an Indian Dinner Party chez nous
We actually paid good money to go to the Taste of Vail Mountaintop Picnic and to the Grand Tasting (instead of volunteering).
Us at the Taste of Vail Mountaintop Picnic
The season ended and then the snow began again. Vail Resorts re-opened the mountain for an additional weekend and we were there to enjoy it!

Then we decided to stay in Vail for the summer of 2013!

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