2008 Ushuaia, Argentina Restaurant Reviews by ALEDM

We were in Ushuaia, Argentina for 3 weeks and ate out almost every night. Here are our reviews. (Exchange Rate US$1 = AP$3.15)

1. Our Favorites

1.1 Gustino, inside of hotel Albatros, Maipu 505, esquina Lassere, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, fono: (54-2901) ewo-003, e-mail: info@gustino.com.ar and reservas@gustino.com.ar web: http://www.gustino.com.ar/ This was a meal with great food and great service. We spent AP$100 because we later saw that the waiter forgot to charge us for our wine. We shared one beet root ravioli and one cordero/lamb in wine sauce. Both were excellent and there was plenty of food for the two of us. Our wine was AP$65 but we weren't charged for it. Rating 8/10

1.2 Komenk, Fueguino Hotel Patagonico, Gob. Deloqui 1282, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, fono: (54-2901)424894, e-mail: info@fueguinohotel.com , web: http://www.fueguinohotel.com/ The room is nice and the service was lovely. We were offered a champagne by the management and then we ordered a bottle of Chandon extra brut (AP$45). We spent a total of AP$195 and had a good paella marinera (AP$80) for 2 (that was way too much food for us), along with an unusual manzanas asadas AP$13. We were charged a servicio de mesa AP$6 and we had two desserts: one sensaciones chocolate (AP$24), and one sabor caprese (AP$18), plus 2 cafe (AP$4.5 x 2 = AP$9). Rating: 7.5/10

1.3 Maria Lola Resto, Deloqui 1048 (9410) Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, fono: (02901) 421 185, web: http://www.marialolaresto.com.ar/ Gabriel was our waiter and was great. We had Langostino in garlic (AP$45), merluza negra (AP$74), grilled vegetables (AP$20) and a sopa de frutas AP$16 for dessert. All were very good. We also had 2 decafeinated coffees (AP$14) but no wine. The total was AP$169. This restaurant is a real find. Rating: 7.5/10

1.4 Tia Elvira. Av. Maipu 349, (9410) Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, tel: (0291) 424-725, e-mail: info@tiaelvira.com, web: http://www.tiaelvira.com/. We spent AP$229, including a Don David Torretes at AP$65. The service and the merluza/hake (AP$68) was very good. For a starter we ordered cayos de vieyras/(the local name for scallops) (AP$52) which we liked. With the main we ordered 2 other dishes which were also good: chucrut (AP$10), and papas fritas (AP$10). The strudel manzana (AP$16) was well-prepared too. Rating: 7/10

1.5 Volver, Av Maipu 37, Ushuaia, tel (02901) 430-710, e-mail: volverushuaia@yahoo.com.ar We had wonderful service and delicious food. The most we ever spent was AP$254 for 2 of us and usually it was much less. This restaurant is the only one with spider crabs swimming in a tank. Theoretically it would be possible to have the crab steamed at the time of dinner but at a price tag of US$100 for one, we didn’t try it. Otherwise, more affordable crab is always served cold (after having been frozen) and is not necessarily tasty. Our favorite main course was gigantic langostinos sauted in garlic. We also had good fresh oysters, acceptable fresh sea urchin and delicious merluza negra/hake. The dessert of panqueque manzana AP$20 was also enjoyable. The bill included 2 cubiertos x 2 = AP$4. We enjoyed the Familia Bianchi Sauvignon Blanc AP$70. Rating: 7.5/10

2. Restaurant We Would Recommend With A Caveat
2.1 Kaupé, Roca 470 (9410) Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, tel (54-2901)4222 704, web: http://www.kaupe.com.ar/ This is considered one of the best restaurants in Argentina. We spent AP$321 and thought the food was excellent. It was creative and delicious. However, we thought that the woman serving (who was also “the front of the house” and may be related to the chef, Ernesto Vivian) was off-putting. She was brusque and just on the correct side of being rude. Nonetheless, the food was so good, we overlooked that and we planned to return to try the degustation menu. When we did, we didn’t stay—we walked out. Her greeting and seating was unacceptable and we knew we wouldn’t enjoy the meal. (The first time we went the detail of our bill was as follows: cubierto AP$6 x2= AP$12, Lagarde Viognier AP$48, agua x 2 = AP$8, vieyras (the local name for scallops) Lyonnaise AP$50, Merluza Negra Papillote AP$74, espinacas AP$20, papas natural AP$15, helado limo with salsa champage AP$22, marquise AP$20, 2 copa Rutini vin doux natural AP$20 x 2 = AP$40, 2 cafe Llly AP$6 x2 = AP$12). Rating: 7.5/10

3. Good Restaurants

3.1 Estancia Hamberton Ruta 33 J: and Downeast del las Estrellas 1861, (9410) Ushuaia Tel 02901-424834, cel 15 605417 This is a big tourist destination to tour the estancia and to eat a parilla. We had a good lunch although service was slow. Rating: 6.5/10

3.2 La Morada del Aguila Restaurante, Cerro Castor, Ruta 3, KM 26 (9410), Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, fono: 54-2901) 499-302 ext 119, web: www.cerrocastor.com We had another Sunday afternoon parilla at this restaurant. It is a nicer space than Las Cotorras but isn’t as much fun. The meal was good here too and the price was the same, including Trapiche Roble Malbec (AP$45). Rating: 6.5/10

3.3 Las Cotorras, Ruta 3, KM 25, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, tel (54-02901) 499-300. For parilla, this was our favorite. We had a fun Sunday afternoon eating too much meat. It cost AP$ 140 total, including a Benjamin Nieto Senetiner Malbec 2006 (AP$30). Rating: 7/10

3.4 Nautico, Maipu 1210, Ushuaia TEl (54-2901) 430 415, e-mail: gerencia@nauticorestaurante.com.ar, web: www.nauticorestaurante.com.ar, The food was good although we were the only diners. Our dinner was a reasonably priced AP$94. Rating: 6/10

3.5 Tolkeyen, del Tolkeyen 2145, inside the Tolkeyen Hotel, (9410) Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, tel (54-2901)445-315, e-mail: info@tolkeyenhotel.com web: http://www.tolkeyenhotel.com/ The meal poorly served and the food was not interesting. We spent AP$129. We had a very, very good Navarra Corresas Coleccion Privada Chardonnay 2005 (AP$43), two entradas (for AP$6 and AP$4) and two okay fish (AP$22 for one and AP$30 for the trout). We ordered one dessert (AP$24). Rating: 5/10

4. Restaurants We Would Not Recommend

4.1 Chez Manu, Camino al Glaciar, Luis F. Martial 2135 –km 2 (9410), Ushuaia, (54-2901) 432-253, e-mail: chezmanu@speedy.com.ar web: http://www.chezmanuushuaia.com/ This is a one-starred restaurant in the YPF guidebook. The food was good but the service was so bad as to be dysfunctional. We spent AP$172 and had an ensalada de Pejerrey (AP$38), trucha fueguina (AP$64), agua (AP$6) and a Sauvignon Blanc (AP$64). Rating: 5.5/10

4.2 La Reve d'Orange, Los Acebos Ushuaia Hotel, Luis F. Martial 1911, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, http://www.losacebos.com.ar/ The room was large and had huge orange lampshades. It wasn’t a dream room; it was just functional with an excellent view of Ushuaia’s harbor area. We were very disappointed in the food. We spent AP$135 and had brocchetas de pollo apanadas (AP$25), bondiola de cerdo con coquetas (AP$35) that was impossibly tough, vegetales asados (AP$16), mini strudel de frutos (AP$18), Trapiche Syrah 500cc (AP$30), and 2 cafe (AP$6). Rating: 5/10

4.3 Reina Mora del Hotel Los Cauquenes, Calle Reinamora 3462, Barrio Bahia Cauquén (9410) Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argenina, fono: (54-02901) 441-300, e-mail: info@loscauquenesushuaia.com.ar, web: http://www.loscauquenes.com/ This is a two-starred restaurant in the YPF guidebook. The menu had unusual dishes on it and we ordered dishes that we hadn’t seen on Patagonian menus before. The main was so tough that we sent it back. The chef came to talk to us and was very apologetic. He brought us another dish, as well as a gift of fresh spider crab natural (that was usually tasty). Although we were in Ushuaia for three weeks we never went back. Rating: 5.5/10

4.4 Tante Nina Restaurante, Av. Maipu 15 esquina Gdor. Godoy (9410) Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, tel (02901) 432-444 The food wasn’t good but the place was packed with tourists. We spent AP$131. (The detail of the bill was 2 cubierto 2x 4 =AP$8), lasagna + sauce = AP$32, Abadejo/hake provenzal AP$36, Ensalada completa AP$25, and a Tapiche Torrontes AP$30). Rating: 4.5/10

5. For Pizza

5.1 El Turco Restaurante y Pizzeria, San Martin 1410, (9410) Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, tel: (02901)424-711 It is a very plain restaurant and the menu was predictable. We spent AP$64 for 1/4 chicken + 1 order of lasagne + wine. No rating.

5.2 Pizza & Pasta 137, San Martin 137, Ushuaia The room is pleasant enough but the menu is too limite. We spent AP$81 and had 375 cc bottle Santa Julia Malbec (AP$17), a beer called Beagle Roja x 2 = AP$16, an ensalada capresse AP$14, and a pizza champignones + anchoas AP$34). No rating.

6. Take Away

6.1 El Bambu Takeaway Pierdra Buena 276, Ushuaia, tel (54-2901)437-028 Hours: Monday - Friday 11-17 and 19:30 -22 (closed Saturday and Sunday). Very good; vegetarian run by Taiwanese.

6.2 Frigorifico La Argentina, tel (02901) 444 029 Carniseria We bought an excellent leg of lamb (which they butterflied for me) to cook at home.

6.3 La Mendocina, Pastor Lawrence 799 For fruit and vegetables.

6.4 Pesquera del Beagle, Av. Maipu 227, Tel 421-432 We found very nice fish to cook at home.

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