2008 Roadtrip Resistencia, Argentina in Chaco Province

We left Mercedes, Argentina in Corrientes Province at 10:15 am and arrived in Corrientes, the capital of the province at 12:45 pm, 2 and a half hours later, having done 242 km. The roads were good and the tolls were AP$3.30, a little over US$1 (quite reasonable, particularly in comparison to those in Brazil).

We had lunch in Corrientes in a restaurant with a view of the Parána River. It was in the Hotel Turismo Corrientes, Entre Rios 650 (CP3400) Corrientes, fono: (54-03783)429-112. The bill was AP$50 plus AP$5 tip/US$17.74. We had two couvert (AP$4), one soup (AP$12), one mixed vegetable panache (AP$18), 1 bread pudding (AP$8) and 2 coffees (AP$8).

Then we crossed the bridge over the River Parána and went to the 5 star hotel called Amerian Hotel Casino Gala, a 2 year old hotel. We were shown the suite premium (AP$485) and the executive suite (AP$470). We asked about special discounts and were told about a weekend rate of AP$354/US $114.19 for the executive suite, including breakfast, underground garage parking and Internet. We took it! (and decided to stay only for the weekend special). The room is a large corner room with floor to ceiling windows and an open view. There isn't a sofa but there are two comfortable chairs for TV viewing. The oddity of the room is that there is a ledge running the length of the room under the windows. Great for storage, actually. The hotel's information is: Amerian Hotel Casino Gala, J.D. Perón 3330, (CP3500) Resistencia, Chaco, Argentina, fono: (54-03722) 452-400, e-mail: reservas@hotelcasinogala.com.ar, web: http://www.hotelcasinogala.com.ar/.
The gym and sauna weren't too appealing so we didn't use them. The restaurant called Valentino is in the YPF guidebook as a recommended restaurant so we decided to have dinner there.

We'll write about what we did in Resistencia later. In the meantime, if you have any questions about it, write us an e-mail and we'll try to help. E-mail address: aleanddm@gmail.com

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