2009 Meeting our Cyberfriends in Hong Kong

We flew back to Hong Kong from Cebu to spend three days there before going to Shanghai. The flight back on Cebu Pacific was better than the flight there--had Cebu Pacific improved or our memory dimmed?

The big event of our return was meeting a couple who had e-mailed us after finding our blog. Their e-mail said:
"Can we be apprenticed to you?!
"Hi Audre and Dimitri

"My wife and I are taking off 15 months to go around the world, eat, dive and travel. I thought that was a long time to travel until I stumbled across your blog! I think you must be our new heroes!

"Seriously, I think your blog is fantastic, and the more people I find with fantastic food blogs the more I´m feeling inspired to get more into the nitty gritty of the food on ours (http://pendleton.travellerspoint.com/). Long may you continue! Where are you travelling to next?

"Best regards


Well we met them for dinner in Hong Kong and had a great time with them. They are wonderful and fun.
Jon and Angi Pendleton with Audre and Dimitri in Hong Kong

Jon and Angi wanted to taste hairy crab in Hong Kong since it was the season for them. We tried to find them and decided that Under Bridge Spicy Crab or as HungryGoWhere.com calls it: Chili Crab Under the Bridge would be the place to go. Well, it wasn't. Click here to read our review of that restaurant (and all of our other Hong Kong restaurant reviews). Nevertheless, it was a delightful and memorable occasion. Have a look at their blog by clicking here or going to:

A couple of days later, when we got to Shanghai, Hairy Crab Season was in full swing and we had one immediately.
We were rather non plused - hairy crab is too small and too much work

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