2008 Roadtrip Mercedes, Argentina in Corrientes Province

We left Santa Maria in Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil at 8:40 am and were at the border controls in 4 hours (370 km). It took an hour there but we decided to keep driving to a micro-town called Mercedes, Argentina in Corrientes Province. We were amazed by our good fortune in finding a new hotel with a comfortable junior suite for AP$220/US$70. The hotel is Hotel La Recova, Fray. Luis Beltrán, (CP W3470 EBN) Mecedes, Corrientes, fone: (54-03773) 422-400, e-mail: larecova@payubre.net

Dimitri is sitting at a desk and I have my laptop on my lap in an armchair. And, we have Internet through wi fi (at no extra charge, I might add). Our car with most of our luggage and the bikes survived last night in an open parking lot outside the hotel in Santa Maria, Brazil. Now it is in a gated (and hopefully locked) parking lot behind our hotel in Mercedes.

We walked around town to get some Argentinean money and found an ATM where we could use our card from the US. We found a supermarket and we saw the municipality building, the main square, the main church and lots of cute 19th century buildings. This town isn't a tourist town and our YPF guidebook (which is very thorough) doesn't even mention this town. We found a little gem for an overnight!

If you would like more information on this town, send us an e-mail and we would be glad to try to answer your questions. E-mail address: aleanddm@gmail.com

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