1999 Our August Hop to St. Petersburg, Russia

We went to St. Petersburg for a weekend in 1999. We were concerned about traveling there with our car and stuff (we heard about kidnappings for ransom and theft) so we flew over from Helsinki (leaving our car and stuff locked up there).
We arranged for a car, driver and guide to meet us at the airport and for 2 days we toured and had a fine time (without incident, we should quickly add). 
Audre with our guide, car and driver in St. Petersburg

The only problem was that our ATM card wouldn’t work and Dimitri had to stand in line in a bank (with a guard pointing a gun at him or something like that). One night we ate at the Austeria at the Peter and Paul Fortress.

Audre and Dimitri at the quaint Austeria

We stayed at the Grand Hotel Europe (Nevsky Prospekt, Mikhailoskaya Ulits 1/7, 191011 St. Petersburg, Russia, tel (7-812)329-6000, fax (7-812)329-6001, email:gmass@ghe.spb.ru) and one night we had dinner there. It was fine and the only thing that we remember is that Audre had caviar that was very expensive and not very good.

The third night we had a quaint meal at Dacha Restaurant, Doduorie, (7-812)465-1399.

Have a look at all of our photos from St. Petersburg on our photo website. Click here to go to the Scandinavia album, which (at the end) includes our St. Petersburg snaps.

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