2008 Roadtrip Puerto Iguazu, Argentina Restaurant Reviews by ALEDM

Puerto Iguazu, Argentina and Foz de Iguacu, Brazil Restaurant Reviews (exhange rate AP$3.10 = US$ 1)

Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

1. Our Favorites

1.1 El Quincho, Bompland 110, (3370) Puerto Iguazu, fono: (54-3757)420-151, e-mail: quinchodeltioquerido@yahoo.com.ar, or eltioquerido@hotmail.com We spent AP$121 total and shared a Gascon Cardonnay (AP$35), a grilled quarter pollo/chicken (AP$13.30) which we asked for jugoso/juicy and it came out delicious, surubi grille/local river fish which we also asked for jugoso and was delicious (AP$35.50), panache de verdura/an excellent vegetable dish (AP$9), panqueque manzana/apple pancake (AP$16), 1 cafe AP$4 and 2 waters. Although a tourist restaurant, it is “honest” and serves a fine meal. Rating: 7.5/10

1.2 La Rueda, Av. Cordoba 28, (3370) Puerto Iguazu, fono: (03757) 422-531, e-mail: larueda1975@iguazunet.com, web: www.larueda1975.com We spent AP$123 and shared everything--plenty for us. (We had a Lagarde Viogner AP$40, degustacion tibia AP$22 (whilch we highly recommend), pacu grille AP$43 (a very good local fish), mousse de maracuya AP$10 (passion fruit mousse was very good), and 2 decaf coffees for AP$8). I think our waiter's name was Carlos and he was wonderful. We liked the place better and the menu better than at El Quincho so it gets a Rating of 8/10.

1.3 Panoramic Hotel, Paraguay 372, Puerto Iguazu, fono: (54-3757) 498-100, web: www.panoramic-hoteliguazu.com We had a more "upscale" meal (you must insist on eating in the lovely dining room) at this hotel’s restaurant. We spent AP$215 (We again shared everything and had a Ceviche AP$34, a really delicious Lomo AP$69 (tenderloin cooked the way we asked for it for once—jugoso), Finca La Linda Malbec '06 AP$69, Semifredo pan AP$29, and descafeinado AP$14 for 2). Rating: 8/10

2. Okay Restaurants

2.1 Hotel Esturion, Av. Tres Fronteras 650, Puerto Iguazu, fono: (54-3757) 420-100, e-mail: infomation@hotelesturion.com We didn’t want their dinner buffet so we ordered a la carte and spent AP$108. It was ordinary. (We shared a Latitud 33 Malbec (AP$47), that was good, a strudel de cebollines/onion strudel (AP$12), a meat dish called Pampa nuestra (AP$37), and a dessert (AP$12). Rating: 6/10
3. We Would Not Recommend

3.1 Aqva, Av. Cordoba esq. Carlos Thays, (3370) Puerto Iguazu, fono (54-3757) 422-064 e-mail: reservas@aqvarestaurant.com, web: www.aqvarestaurant.com We spent AP$163 and we weren't happy, although the service was good. We drank a Saint Felician Malbec (AP$90—a higher price than other places after we first ordered a Trapiche Roble Malbec 07 and it was terrible. They took it back.) We shared an antipasto misto (AP$18) that was ordinary, a cordero/lamb Patagonico (AP$42) which was disappointing, and a noquis (AP$13). Rating: 5/10

In Foz de Iguacu, Brazil in the Parque Nacional do Iguaçu Brasil
Hotel Das Cataratas, Foz do Iguaçu We only had lunch and spent R$56.10. It is a place to see and a cut above the other options in the park (the only other nice restaurant has a complete buffet for lunch.) We had 1 Frutas de estacao/seasonal fruit (R$16), salada mista/mixed salad (R$20), 2 cafe espresso (R$10), and one water (R$5). Everything was very good and professionally served. The setting, by the pool, is lovely. Rating: 8/10

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