2010-2011 Our Third Ski Season in Vail, CO and Our Eleventh Entire Season Skiing Somewhere in the World

With our winter accommodations taken care of, we were free to enjoy our third ski season in Vail. We have no idea what took us so long, but we joined Vail Club 50

We skied on Mondays with Vail Resorts 50+ Ski With Us and Tuesdays and Thursdays with Vail Club 50. On one of our first days out with Vail Club 50, one of the members of our group skied into Dimitri (in fact, the Turk hit the Greek). He hurt his shoulder but for a couple of months he didn't know he had a torn rotator cuff. Our ski productivity was fairly low during our third season in Vail--Audre skied 57 days and Dimitri skied 47 days. This was Vail's EPIC SEASON with 524 inches of snow too. What a shame! 

We stayed in Vail during the summer of 2011 so that Dimitri could have Erik Dorf from Vail Summit Orthopedics repair the damage. While it took a year for Dimitri's shoulder to feel normal, with the help of David Honda, an excellent physical therapist, it got back to normal.

Our social life during the 2010-2011 ski season was great. We hosted our first Vail Club 50 Wine and Dine at our Simba Run condo. And had many other dinner parties there that season.

We were introduced to snow shoeing during the 2010-2011 ski season and we loved it.

We volunteered for the Taste of Vail and went to the Mountaintop Picnic and the Grand Tasting. That was the last time we volunteered for the Taste of Vail. The volunteers were not appreciated and it was more like work than fun.

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