2008 Roadtrip Villa Tunari to Cochabamba, Bolivia

We left Villa Tunari at 10 am and arrived in Cochabamba at about 1 pm after 155 km and tolls of Bs 9. The drive was beautiful. It was a constant ascent to 3320 masl in Aguirre, Cochabamba Province. Then the descent to Cochambanba at 2558 m above sea level.

While the road was paved there were many areas of unpaved rocks that weren't marked and were really dangerous. Also many potholes. Also many trucks. Passing was possible but difficult.

We stopped at Portales Hotel (Av. Pando 1271, Cochabamba, telf (591-4)428-5444, e-mail: info@hotel-portales.com and web: http://www.hotel-portales.com/) We saw several suites and chose #307. We negotiated a price of US$100. The gym, sauna and the rest of those type of amenities weren't available because of an ongoing renovation. The suite had wi fi Internet. But since the amenities we liked weren't available we decided to check out Hotel La Colonia and that's when I was robbed.

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