2010 Air China Flight from Beijing to Vancouver

Our experiences flying Air China were unpleasant. We flew from Vancouver to Beijing in August and the flight was packed. Click here to read the description.

The return flight was worse. Our original departure time was 15:50 so we got to the airport at around noon. Originally it was re-scheduled to leave at 17:30 (about 1 1/2 hours late). When it did not leave, we were taken to the Golden Phoenix Hotel near the Beijing airport for dinner and the night. The plane actually left at 2 a.m. on October 27th. There was no organization or staff to help us at the airport and it was unclear where we were supposed to go and what we were supposed to do with our luggage. It seemed like whatever we did was wrong and we had go keep starting over with check-in and customs and immigration. 

We finally boarded the plane and, again, every seat was taken. We didn't have a row to ourselves as Dimitri had planned. We have no idea why the plane was late or what Air China does that enables it to fill every seat. The service was okay but we'd never fly Air China again. We arrived in Vancouver at 21:00-ish on October 26th. We retrieved our car and bikes from the parking lot where it had been stored at the Quality Hotel Airport South,7228 Westminster Hwy, RICHMOND, BC (paying for 1 more day of parking than originally scheduled). We immediately left to drive to Chilliwack. 

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