2014 Our Famous Four Seasons Bed and Kitchen in a Box

Having entered into a contract to buy a condo at the Four Seasons Private Residences Vail, we had all kinds of decisions to make about furnishing it. It had never been lived in but had been furnished as a model apartment. We could see what we liked and what we didn't. Our interior designer gave us suggestions, some of which were good, before we parted company. Click here to read about that saga.

We decided early on that we would put the condo in the Four Seasons rental program. That meant that we had to follow the guidelines of the program. Nothing was too onerous. Buying the Four Seasons king sized bed was a no-brainer. At every Four Seasons we stayed at, we liked the beds. Each Four Seasons bed was individually made (or some such thing). Consequently, we could not Andres Garza at Vail Trappings begin on the bedspread until the bed was delivered and actually set up because each bed's dimensions were somewhat different. Audre wanted to have the drapes and the bedspread be coordinated. Audre also wanted to have the bedspread to be "over-sized" in that she wanted the bedspread to come all the way to the floor (no dust ruffle showing). Dimitri and Audre found the drapery/bedspread material on one of our excursions to Vail Trappings.

With the rental program, the kitchen equipment and the dishes and glasses were "mandated". For Audre, who had been cooking in other people's kitchens all over the world for 20 years, having all of the kitchen supplies arrive and be unpacked by the Four Seasons Housekeeping Department sounded wonderful. (The one time that Audre needed to buy a food processor in the states, she had become paralyzed by the choice she had.) Buying the Four Seasons Kitchen in A Box was also a no-brainer. Once Audre started cooking in her new kitchen, she was very happy with her equipment (but needed her own food processor that she had chosen s couple of years before!). She thinks she spent a little over $100 to supplement the Four Seasons Kitchen in A Box.

We were very happy with the decisions we made and with our choices. Phew!

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