2008 Roadtrip from Canela, Brasil to the Argentinean Border

We drove from Canela to Santa Maria, mostly on the RST 287, an okay road with truck traffic (and R$20.70 in tolls). It took about 5 hours to do 365 km.

We decided to stay in a tiny room at the Park Hotel Morotin (RST 287, km 6.2 Barrio Camobi), Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, fone: (55-55) 3220-1600, e-mail: park@morotin.com.br and web: www.morotin.com.br. The room is R$140/US $84.33 including breakfast, parking and cable Internet in the room.

The parking lot is not locked and we are concerned about all of the luggage we are leaving in it overnight. The car was parked right in front of the big windows and the 24-hour reception desk. Our other choice was the Continental in town but we were advised that the Park Hotel Morotin was better.

We'll write more about this later. In the meantime, if you have questions, e-mail us and we'll try to help. E-mail address: aleanddm@gmail.com.

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