2009 Our Personal Chef at Thalatta

Dimitri and Audre consider themselves foodies and travel the world tasting local specialities and searching for the exotic. At Thalatta Resort Beach, Patrick Hascoet, a Frenchman hired a French chef whose name was Daniel. (Maluay, Zamboanguita 6218, km 24.5 National Highway, Negros Oriental, Philippines, Tel. (63-35)426-1039, e-mail: info@thalattaresort.com, web: http://www.thalatta-beach.com/ )

Daniel was cooking at Thalatta's restaurant when we first arrived. One evening he came to the table and introduced us to Lynn. He said that he would be taking the week off and Lynn would be cooking at the restaurant during his absence. We had a wonderful and unique experience with Lynn cooking there. We were the only guests for a few days and we got a huge kick out of having a personal chef.

That's us having a meal at Thalatta.

In the morning or the evening, we would discuss with Lynn what we wanted to eat for the next dinner. One evening she made us a dinner of gigantic prawns perfectly cooked with a lemon, garlic sauce. She also made us a mango mousse for dessert. This dinner (which we couldn't finish) was enough for lunch the next day too. It cost Php 1500/US$32 with a bottle of wine for Php 850!

Another night Lynn made us what she called 3 different “shells”: They were mussels, and 2 types of clams in a delicious broth with vegetables. That cost Php 500. Because we weren't enthralled with the vegetable side dishes served at Thalatta, we bought eggplant and okra (Dimitri's favorite) at the market in Dumaguete and brought them back to Lynn. She made us wonderful grilled eggplant, tomatoes, peppers with boiled potatoes. This is a dish that we both loved.

We have never had a personal chef before (let alone one that had been trained by a French chef) and we had a ball experiencing that. If life for us is maximizing experiences and minimizing the accumulation of stuff, this was the epitomy of "experience maximization". Click here to read all about our stay at Thalatta.

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