2009 Our Vail Valley Accommodations at the Seasons at Avon

We're back in the Vail Valley for our Tenth Entire Ski Season Skiing Somewhere in the World and our second entire ski season in the USA!

By moving to an apartment in Avon we have reduced our rent from $4500 per month to $2000 a month (all inclusive of utilities, premium cable and wi-fi Internet). Cool!

We love our new two bedroom/two bath apartment and its location too!

Dimitri at his computer in the living room of our apartment in the Seasons at Avon.

And we have enough space for a desk and Audre's computer in our bedroom.
Audre at her computer

The Seasons at Avon building is right next to Avon Station where we can get the Eco bus to Vail that takes us to Lionshead in about 20 minutes (about the same amount of time that it took us to get from our townhouse in West Vail to Lionshead last year).

The Eco bus that whisks us to Vail

If we pick up our skis from our ski locker in the garage and walk out the garage door, we are a block from the Beaver Creek gondola at the Westin. We think of our new apartment in Avon as ski in/ski out! Our apartment has an awesome view of Beaver Creek's mountain. With our binoculars we can see Centenial lift in Beaver Creek.

We got the over 60 year old Eco bus free pass last year and it is good until February 2010. At that time, with the new pricing structure, we will each buy an Eco bus pass for $25 a year. The regular cost of a bus ride to Vail is $4 a trip. The location of the Seasons is really fabulous. The Avon town bus stop is at Avon Station and the Beaver Creek bus that goes up to Beaver Creek Village also stops there. If it's too cold in the morning to take the gondola from the Westin and then the Lower and Upper Beaver Creek Express lifts, we just hop on the bus to ski Beaver Creek. This year, instead of skiing mostly Vail, we are alternating between Vail and Beaver Creek. To date (at the middle of February, 2010), the conditions have not been awesome in either resort.

Driving down Avon Road is a pleasure; there are wonderful sculptures along the road. We haven't been on an art tour of the Town of Avon but we think that most of the sculptures have been donated or are on loan from art galleries (like they are in Vail). And our location, just east of and across one street from the Avon Library is so convenient as to be awesome. Every morning when Audre goes out to the recycling bins on the western loading dock of the Seasons, she walks down the ramp and across the street to the Avon Library to pick up the Vail Daily and the Vail Mountaineer from the dispensing boxes. That way Audre knows what the weather is like and how cold it is too.

In front of the library is a sculpture that pleases Audre every time she walks by. It is of a man reading to 2 children. It is called The Classics by George Lundeen and is from the Knox Galleries. It was donated by the Eagle Valley Library Foundation, Vail Resorts, Inc., David and Judy Yoder, Alan and Celeste C. Nottingham and Terry, Linda and Rachel Halverson. 
The Classics by George Lundeen with some snow on it

We are enjoying living in Avon near the Avon Bakery and Deli, which we love (0025 Hurd Lane #4, Avon, CO 81620, tel. 970-949-3354, web: www.avonbakeryanddeli.com) and even won a lunch for free in their weekly drawing. How cool is that?

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