2006 Roadtrip Mendoza, Argentina: Accommodations

While there is a large choice of hotels in Mendoza, the holidays are an opportunity for people to come to Mendoza for winetastings, rafting on the Mendoza River and whatever. Most of the Americans stay at the Hyatt but their rooms were too small and too expensive for us. We were really having a big problem.

We found our Montañas Azules apart-hotel after lots of frustration. (Montañas Azules apart hotel, Perú 1290 on Plaza Chile, C.P. 5500, Ciudad, Mendoza, web: http://www.mazules.com.ar/ e-mail: info@mazules.com.ar/reservas@mazules.com.ar) We were pleased because all of our stuff fit in the room; there was a secure garage for our car and there was indoor storage for our bikes and our empty suitcases.

We had a spa with steam, sauna and Jacuzzi in the hotel and a kitchenette to make breakfast in the room. At AP$250/ US$82 per day, we thought we were doing well.Then Christmas Eve came and the air conditioning crapped out. Mendoza is hot 24 hours a day, something Dimitri was craving for (but not without air conditioning at night). We begged for a fan and when that wasn’t forthcoming we went out and bought one. We were sleeping in 29°C/84° F heat (but it was not humid, it was quiet and, with the breeze from the fan, we did sleep).

So our introduction to Mendoza was tough.

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