2008 Roadtrip Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

We stayed in a very nice hotel in a large 2-story cabana at Iguazu Jungle Lodge, Hipolito Irigoyen y San Lorenzo, fono: (54-3757) 420-600, e-mail: info@iguazujunglelodge.com, web: http://www.iguazujunglelodge.com/ We paid AP$360/US$120 per day for a week stay. Regular price AP$760.

Puerto Iguazu is not a foodie kind of place. Having said that, we had a couple of delightful meals at La Rueda (Av. Cordoba 28, (3370) Puerto Iguazu, fono: (03757) 422-531, e-mail: larueda1975@iguazunet.com, web: www.larueda1975.com). We spent AP$123 (exchange rate AP$3.10 = US $1) and shared everything--plenty for us. (We had a Lagarde Viogner AP$40, a Degustacion Tibia AP$22 (whilch we highly recommend), Pacu Grille AP$43 (a very good local fish), mousse de maracuya AP$10 (passion fruit mousse was very good), and 2 decaf coffees for AP$8). I think our waiter's name was Carlos and he was wonderful.

We had a more "upscale" meal (you must insist on eating in the lovely dining room) at Panoramic Hotel (Paraguay 372, Puerto Iguazu, fono: (54-3757) 498-100, web:
www.panoramic-hoteliguazu.com) There we spent AP$215. We again shared everything and had a Ceviche AP$34, a really delicious Lomo AP$69 (tenderloin cooked the way we asked for it for once), Finca La Linda Malbec '06 AP$69, Semifredo pan AP$29, and descafeinado AP$14 for 2. We were the only ones there and we had a very enjoyable meal.

If you want more information before this post is written, please e-mail us. We'll try to help. E-mail address: aleanddm@gmail.com

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