2008 Roadtrip Our La Paz, Bolivia Accommodations

Casa Grande Apart Hotel (Av. Ballivián 1000 esq. Calle 17, Calacoto, La Paz, Bolivia, telf: (591-2) 279-5511, e-mail: info@casa-grande.com.bo, web: http://www.casa-grande.com.bo/) is one of the best places we've ever stayed.

The apartment we have is well laid out, well decorated, well-equipped and very comfortable. From the clock-radio in the bedroom to the no-skid strips in the bathtub, nothing has been omitted. The kitchen is well equipped too and has plenty of counter space and storage.

Our view of the canyon walls is really gorgeous. There's very little noise in our apartment, aside from the occassional car alarm (which are not nearly as frequent as they were in Lima, Perú).

Our lovely 2-bedroom apartment at Aparthotel Casa Grande with the view of the canyon walls surrounding La Paz beyond
The General Manager, Carlos Handal and his wife, Nicolle (who is the Commercial Manager), are lovely people. They have trained the staff incredibly well and their attention to detail is second to none (even the Four Season can't beat this hotel)! Each and every employee of Casa Grande has been professional, warm and friendly. When we ask a question or need help they are responsive and they follow-up (which is rare and much appreciated). When I go out to buy something (and Dimitri is not with me) the doormen ask after Dimitri.
We loved the amenities, such as having all those magazines in English available for reading in the lobby, in the restaurant, in the gym and in the business center. We have been driving around South America for 2 1/2 years now and we are starved for English magazines. We like the activities that Carlos likes too (from the magazines that he subscribes to). We relished the Ski Magazine and the Travel and Leisure Magazines! Carlos also brought us a year's worth of Gourmet Magazine and Bon Appetit Magazine after he cruised through this blog and learned what foodies we are!

There are other fine points that we have never seen in a hotel in such abundance. In the bathroom, near the tub, is a rubber ducky with a message that it is supposed to make the guest feel at home. In the living room is a little wall sconce with a piece of fruit on it. The message on the sconce is that with a piece of fruit a day you won't need a doctor. Every night two bottles of water (and chocolates if we wanted them) appeared in our apartment.

Nicole sent us a fruit plate when we first arrived. And that is not all. It is the first hotel where the managers have sent us gifts. Nicolle sent us two thermal blankets in carrybags, perfect for travel.

But all of the nice touches would not be significant if it weren't for the wonderful staff. The breakfast staff remembers the special items we want each morning (big bowls for our cereal, glasses of water and orange juice, as well as a banana). They make the best pancakes with maple-type syrup--they are served hot and are perfectly cooked. They are friendly and helpful in the restaurant, as well as in the rest of our hotel. And the woman who cleans our apartment, Reyna, is terrific. She calls me by name, she has suggestions for helping Dimitri to feel better and she does a great job.

We ended up staying for over two weeks at the Casa Grande Apart Hotel and we loved it. Exactly the right place and the right time!

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